Tuesday, July 12, 2011

quick updates

1 - We are back in the house.  It is 96% finished - just some trim and baseboards left.  It's marvelous.  But I still wish it was 100% done.

2 - Our schedule (meaning the kids') is really messed up.  They are tired and grumpy because of it, and so am I.  Lydia is probably the worst.  After me.  Pray for us.

3 - Early Thursday morning Travis is leaving for a conference.  I am also getting a little vacation.  I am excited and praying for safe travels.

4 - My friend, Lisa, had a baby boy 6 days ago.  I got a good look at Mr. Quentin yesterday and he is as cute as cute gets.  Congratulations, Lisa!!!!

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Lisa said...


And I just want to say everytime I see James, I'm inspired to praise God. Which then reminds me to do the same when I look at my own children.