Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Mommy, what does 'Matthew' start with?"  - Lydia

"Sound it out, kiddo, what do you think it starts with?"

"Mmm, mmmm, M!"

"That's right, Lydia!  You're so awesome!"

"Yeah, just like you, Mommy."

"Thanks, kiddo."

"You start with 'M', too!"

"Oh.  You're right.  I do start with 'M', too."


Tonya said...

That totally made me laugh out loud :)

PS... I threw my gum into the road the other day, in hopes it would kill a bird... in honor of you.

Bonnie said...

Whenever I spit out my gum (into a wrapper!) while in my car I think of your cold, cruel heart. Bird hater! ;)

Lisa said...

OK, I reread this 3 times before I got it. Haha! I too was in agreement with you awesomeness.

Jessica said...

oh, cuteness. :)