Monday, May 17, 2010

some random questions I need answered

First, I need to begin potty training Lydia, because in 3 months I will have another baby and I really don't want to have 3 in diapers.  I think she's smart enough to do this, and ready in every way, except that she might be a little lazy.  Do you have any suggestions or tricks of the trade?

Second, does this boy look like his Uncle Karl or what?!

Third, where do you buy modest camis / tanks?  I have some from Target and K-Mart, but while I place them high on my chest when I dress in the morning, in no time they have inched down.  My clevage goes on forever (blessing?  curse?)  and it seems that my only option might be to layer t-shirts.  But I don't want to do that.  So again, any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

OK, here's what we did. It might be the only thing I've done well regarding parenting. First couple days, no pants, no underwear, sitting on potty every 30 min, set by a kitchen timer (someone recommended that so she wouldn't get mad at me, that it was the timer determining potty breaks). One skittle for every pee, 2 for every poo. And we didn't leave the house for the first week. Diaper/pullup only at naptime and bedtime. And yes, we still cleaned up accidents, but she hated feeling it run down her leg, so she learned quickly. Once we had consistent success (2-3 days), we added underwear, then pants. After 3 or four days we didn't use the timer, and didn't need to use the skittles. I also had the potty very close to wherever she was playing, and made a big deal about the big girl undies. I'm sure there are other tricks out there, let me know what works for you.

Tanks -- I have more success with wifebeaters, they are usually higher cut than my pre-children camis. I bought some motherhood maternity tanks that you are welcome to borrow. But I'm sure I still show more than most would like to see. So it goes.

The Amazing Robert said...

Maria got an excellent start to potty training by leaving a jar of skittles or a book of stickers(as teachers we have millions). After each successful useage(even a couple drops tickle) she recieved a skittle or sticker. Once she knew the system we started weening her from rewards because she is a "big girl". Now she only wears a diaper at night, which we hope to get rid of in summer. I got nothing for you on the tank tops ;)

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I had some tanks that did the same thing, so I took the sleeves up as much as possible without digging into my armpits. Nothing fancy-I'm not a seamstress. I just cut them and sewed them back together-they're always hidden under clothes anyway. And when I did it, I made sure to bring it in from the front-and not just from the top. So I have two seams, the new and the original. Does that make sense?

Cynthia said...

I have no experience in the potty training area...yet. I will be anxious to see what advice you get there.

But, as for question number three, I used to work for New York and CO. in college and their tanks were adjustable, had a built in shelf bra (i.e. sports bra like) and were made of a pretty sturdy fabric. They might be worth a try.

Jordan said...

We set up potty's in each bathroom and talked A LOT about what they are and how to use them. DD always saw us go to the bathroom so she pretty much knew.

I went to wal-mart and bought some princess and elmo underwear... she got really excited about that. I put them on and kept asking if she needed to go... lots of accidents and days where we went back to diapers but pretty soon she got it.

I pretty much just followed her lead... but that's takes time.

My advice is to try it... but don't pressure her. If she's ready, she's ready and she'll do great. If she's not it's going to take a lot of work/time on your part.

As for the camis/tanks... maybe a department store and look for ones w/ lace around the top.

Alicia said...

I'm reading the potty tricks because I am struggling to potty train Avery. It pretty much comes down to her not wanting to take time out of her fun activities to

The best cami/tank I ever purchased was a maternity one at Kohl's. It was white with adjustable straps and a shelf bra. I love it so much I still wear it under my non-preggo clothes as a layering cami. Hope that helps!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the tips so far, friends! Please keep them coming!

I will say, though, that I have never seen a built-in bra big enough for me. Those little shelves make me even more immodest!

I might just need to give up... it seems that for the cami to be high enough it needs to cut into my underarms.

Lauren said...

Hi Bonnie!

Long time reader...first/second time commenter =]

Well, I have no advice on the potty training...buuuut on the tanks I do! I agree with Lisa on the wifebeater/men's "A" shirts. You can get 4 pack at target for around $6-7. I recently bought a pack of greys & blacks---they go up high enough and they are longer. A great buy!

Love your blog bonnie =]

-Lauren La Coy

Anna said...

bravado essential nursing tank.
expensive, but takes the place of bra AND tank, really! I have four, i wear one every day. it's not just a skimpy shelf bra in there!

Anonymous said...

I have no formal advice on potty training other than we simply waited with Hannah. I kept avoiding it because I wasn't in the right frame of mind to undertake the task so I was waiting (or, rather, procrastinating). She ended up basically going potty when she was ready. It was child-initiated and directed nearly all the time, it worked beautifully for us, and it was really on work whatsoever.

Rachel said...

Hey Bonnie,
Have you ever tried cutting the shelf bra portion out of your camis? A friend recommended it to me and it works quite well.

Rachel said...

Hey Bonnie,
Have you ever tried cutting the shelf bra portion out of your camis? A friend recommended it to me and it works quite well.

Tonya said...

Potty Power DVD, I swear that's what finally did the trick for Jonah :)

As for camis, do you have a Gap Outlet nearby? I love theirs