Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1st Sonogram

In the black circle, the longer, bigger of the two blobs is our baby.
Right now he is just short of 1 centimeter.
Everything looks as it should and the heartbeat was strong and normal.


Maiasaura said...

hooray hooray hooray! I am thrilled for you. Keep taking it easy.

And do your kegals!

learnin 2 DRIVE said...

You said "he" how do you know its a boy? :> Lots of love!!!

Bonnie said...

We don't know the sex yet - too early. But we're not going to find out, either. We want as many gender nuetral items as possible to use for the next babies. So sometimes I call the kid He and sometimes She. Just depends on my mood.

Xteener said...

FABULOUS! How exciting, your babies first picture!