Monday, March 15, 2010

my plans for St. Patrick's Day

We'll be celebrating with an Irish Brinner.  (That's breakfast for dinner.) 

Sausage, 2 eggs, fried tomato slices, Irish soda bread, and Irish boxty.

What will you be doing to celebrate the great St. Patrick?

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Sarah Hedman said...

green pancakes, sausage, green juice, green eggs for supper. We also have a mischievous leprachaun that visits our house before we get up in the morning. He turns our milk, water in our water jug, and our toilet water green. One year he even turned the fish's water green in the aquarium. He's a pesky little guy and the girls wait for him to come every year. We're not even a little irish, but the girls love it so it makes it really fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds delish! I was thinking of making irish soda bread too, and maybe some beef stew. Sarah, I love your leprachaun idea -- I may just borrow it this year!

Bonnie said...

hmmm... I too like the leprachaun.

I'm going to decide that I'm not a hypocrite for having a leprachaun and not an Easter Bunny because along with St. Patrick himself, this feast day seems to be a celebration of all things Irish.

And, you know, it's not one of the two most important days of the Christian year. ;)

(I hear you muttering under your breath....)

Amanda said...

Not muttering - just giggling :)

Maybe our leprachaun will dye my beer.