Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quick Thoughts

James Blunt, The Streets (Brit rapper), Blink 182's Enema of the State, Jo Dee Messina, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Some of these were impulse buys. The list goes on and it is definitely time to get rid of some CD's. Some, though, I just can't part with, like my Saves the Day CD. I was a freshman in college and my younger brother and I just loved that album.

Every day Lydia gets a little better at crawling and it's only a matter of time before she is really getting into our DVD collection and all my CD's. We need better storage, and I need to detach myself from albums I never listen to, ex - Puccini.

Today Travis bought a 42" LG plasma TV with money from his grandparents. It's payment for a bathroom remodeling job he's doing for them. He is in love and I will not have his full attention for quite some time.


My dad, who is a very picky eater, actually liked my sloppy joes. I was flabbergasted.


Today I started Christmas shopping and I must say, so far, so good.

Last night Lydia stayed at my parents' house so Travis and I could get some sleep. Of course, I wasn't able to sleep through the night like I wanted to since my body clock is now used to waking up repeatedly throughout the night. But, Lydia was a great sleeper for my parents - she slept by herself and only woke up once, at 2:30am (she went down for the night at 8:30)!!! She took a bottle "like she was a bottle baby her whole life" and then went back to sleep until 6!!! Mom thinks it's because of how warm she was so tonight we're making sure she is WARM.

Please pray for us and the youth group that we lead at our church.


My younger brother gets married this coming weekend to a wonderful woman. We're super excited about it all. Yay, K & M!!!


My good friend, Jolene, is flying in from Cali for the wedding and is staying with us for the weekend. I am thrilled to see her again and to have her meet Lydia. Jo is one of the best people I know and it is always fun and edifying being around her.


Tonya said...

I can't believe their wedding day has already arrived!! Can't wait to see pictures, have fun!

Anna said...

i agree. don't get rid of the saves the day CD.

sounds like you've hit the "oh crap, i have to get rid of stuff now" point. I've been at that point for months now. Much to the chagrin of my inlaws, who are storing the crap we're getting rid of. :)