Monday, November 24, 2008

My brother's wedding

My brother and his bride!

My brother and Matt have been friends since kindergarden. Matt was the first to cry during the vows - which set all the rest of us off!

Miss Jolene Kay flew in from LA to spend time with me, meet Lydia and see Karl get hitched. We haven't seen each other since my wedding 2 years ago and it was wonderful to be in her presence again. She is such a great friend.

Lydia with her uncle and aunt.

The mother - son dance.

Lydia with Uncle Karl during the Dollar Dance.

Highlights of the reception:

- Karl sang "I Wanna Grow Old with You" from The Wedding Singer to Maureen at the reception.

- the entire bridal party "shoop-ed" behind Karl and Maureen during their first dance, which was My Girl.

- Karl lined us all up and had us do the Thriller dance. It was a hoot.

Karl and Maureen, I love you both and I am so happy for you! May God bless you with a lifetime of joyful years.


Margaret said...

I absolutely love the picture of you and Karl's friend and Lydia from the eyes up! It is too cute.

Tonya said...

Yay, thank you for posting this Ben and I were wondering how it all went.

EmilyJ said...

Maureen looks beautiful and Karl is such a stud! Please tell them I said so and congratulations if you see them. Love, Em